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How to type Rupee Symbol in Excel And Word? – This unique and well researched article will give you simple tricks to type new Rupee symbol in excel spreadsheet and in word document.

The Indian Government issued a new symbol for the Indian rupee in 2010 and popular software like Microsoft Excel and Word quickly adopted the symbol. However, finding the rupee symbol can be quite tricky if you don’t know where to look. You should be able to type the rupee symbol as long as you have a version of Windows that released after August 2010.

How to Type Rupee Symbol Using Your Keyboard in MS Excel and Word

To enable system-wide use of the rupee symbol, you can head to your language settings via Control Panel in Windows 7/Vista/8 or search for “Edit Language or Keyboard Options” in the Windows 10 search bar. Change your keyboard layout to “English (India),” and you are good to go. Once you have your language set to English (India):

  • You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + 4

By default, most international keyboards will have the $ symbol beside along with the numerical 4 and changing your language to English (India) changes it to ₹ instead. However, if you own a keyboard that has the ₹ by default, which is now common in Indian keyboards you can do the following:

  • Press the Shift key and 4 at the same time.


  •  Press the Alt key on the right side of your keyboard and the ₹ key at the same time.

Using Alt Codes to Type Rupee Symbol in MS Excel and Word

If you can remember numerical codes quite easily, you can try remembering the Alt code for the ₹ symbol.

  • Hold your left Alt key
  • Type 8377 with your Alt key held
  • The ₹ should now appear on your Word document or Excel sheet.

Using Unicode to Type Rupee Symbol in MS Excel and Word

The Rupee code is now a part of Unicode after the Unicode Technical Committee officially accepted the Indian Rupee symbol. The current Unicode for the ₹ symbol is (U+20B9). If you want a very convenient way of entering the rupee symbol in MS-Word or Excel you can do the following:

  • Type 20B9 on your Word document or Excel sheet.
  • Press the left Alt key and X.
  • The 20B9 text should now convert into the ₹ symbol.

Using Charmaps to Enter Rupee Symbol in MS Excel and Word

Charmaps or Character maps are used to store all font characters in Windows. If you want to access the rupee symbol using the character map:

  • Type “charmap” in Windows Run (Press the Windows key and R to access the Run menu)
  • Select an English font of your choice
  • Click on Advanced View
  • Click on “Go to Unicode”
  • Enter “20B9” to highlight the ₹ symbol
  • Copy the symbol using Ctrl + C
  • Paste the symbol using Ctrl + V in your Word document or Excel sheet

How to Insert ₹ symbol on and outdated system

If you do not have access to the rupee symbol and happen to be running an operating system version that is older than August 2010, you need to download any Rupee symbol font available online for free. Once you install the font, you can insert the symbol by swapping fonts to access the ₹ symbol.

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